Tournament 2014 Overview

MASC Tournament 2014

MASC is pleased to announce the tournament locations for June 1, 2014:

  • Boys 8v8 – NECA, Swansea –  concessions open
  • Girls 8v8 – Cohasset Sports Complex – limited concessions
  • U14’s – Hopkinton YMCA – no concessions
  • HS – King St. and EMC Franklin – limited concessions

In general, the tournament is festival format (adjusted based on division).  Each team is seeded based on its performance in the Spring Season.  Teams move into following games based on the outcome of their game.  Each team will play 4 mini-games.  If a division has an odd number of teams some teams will play a fifth game.  All players and coaches will receive a commemorative award.

Teams (including all coaches and players) must check-in at the tournament tent 30 minutes prior to their first game.  Please have two copies of the team roster and passcards.  Only players on rosters for last MASC regular season game on May 18, 2014 are eligible to play.  MASC league rosters are frozen as of May 15.  This is an all day event.  Schedules will be posted by May 28.  First games will start after 8am with most divisions starting later.  All games at all sites will finish no later than 6PM.

All sights are "Leave no trace".  Everything brought onto the sites must be removed.  Any containers and trash brought onto the sight must be removed by those bringing such.  MASC will have available trash bags.  Each team is required to provide at least two volunteers to help with set-up, tear down, and facility clean-up.

Site Rules:

  • No Pets.  No Dogs.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No smoking.
  • Park in designated parking only.  All cars illegally parked will be ticketed and towed.
  • No noise makers of any type.
  • Carry in/Carry out.  Everything brought on site must also be removed.
  • Tailgating is allowed.  No fires or open flame.  NO GRILLS OF ANY KIND
  • Canopies no larger than 10ft x 10ft are allowed as space permits.  Please respect all site staff requests.

Tournament Rules

The following are the general tournament rules.  Divisions can have specific rules that will be stated in the division specific rules.

Tournament Tie Break Procedure

  • At the end of the game, no players are to leave the field.  They are to immediately to go to the center circle.  Only those players on the field at the end of the game may be in the center circle or on the field.  Coaches are not allowed on the field.
    • If any players enter the field and/or the center circle who were not active players at the end of the game, the offending team immediately forfeits.
  • Best of 5 penalty kicks are to be taken as per FIFA Laws of the Game.  Winner by one goal.  If a team goes up by more goals than remaining opponents, team ahead wins.
  • If tied after 5, remaining players on field, including keepers, take kicks 1 and 1.  If tied after one rotation, rotation repeats in same order. First team to be ahead after 1 and 1 wins.

Cautions and Ejections

Any player that receives two cautions (yellow cards) over the course of the tournament is suspended from the following game.

Any player that is ejected from a game by either two cautions in the game or a red card offense is suspended from the following game.  Players ejected for fighting, spitting, or any foul committed with intent to injure are suspended for the remainder of the tournament and subject to further sanctions as determined by the Sportsmanship Committee.

Any adult ejected is suspended for the duration of the tournament.

Any player or adult that has a one game suspension unfulfilled from the regular MASC season, is suspended from the first two games of the tournament.

The decisions of the referee on the field are final and will not be subject to appeal.

Game Time and Length

Games are mini-games consisting of one half of a normal season soccer game:

8v8            -    30 minutes
U14 11v11    -    35 minutes
HS             -    Championship format – Preliminary games on June 1, Championship games on June 8

The referee will be responsible for the maintaining the game time.  There will be no extra time.  In the event of a serious injury, the referee may temporarily suspend the game to allow for proper treatment, and continue the game after such has been rendered.  The decision to suspend the game is the referee's.

Weather Related Delays

In the event of dangerous conditions, such as lightning, each area will sound a horn three times to denote that all play is suspended.  Once the situation has cleared, a single horn blast will be sounded.  All games in progress will be immediately terminated.  The score at that time will be the final score.  If the game is tied the team listed on the left side of the schedule will be the winner.  Play will start at next scheduled game time per the posted schedule.  There will be no make-up or continuation of interrupted games.

Due to following soccer commitments, there is no make-up date possible.  Teams are expected to report and play unless specifically instructed through the MASC web site.

Coach's Duties

The team listed on the left of the schedule is the home team.  The home team must be prepared to change jerseys or wear pinnies in the event of color conflicts.  Insure that all teams have two jerseys or pinnies.

Additional information