Note On Make Up Games

To All Teams

Please follow the correct protocol for scheduling Make Up Games which can be found  by clicking on the link to our procedures page:

Make Up Procedure

Please note that we need a minimum of 3 days notice to properly schedule a game.


After requesting a make up be scheduled you may track the progress on line as follows:

1)  If the game is highlighted a LIME GREEN the game is in a PENDING STATUS and has not yet been approved.

2)  If the game is highlighted a LIGHT BLUE the game has been APPROVED and the game change notice has been sent to both teams and you may proceed to play the game as rescheduled.


Hopefully, this will limit the emails regarding the status of make up games as you will be able to see that we are working on your games even though you may not have heard back from us.  Please be patient,  It appears that there will be many make up games this season.


Thank you,

MASC Board of Directors


Rosters and Pass Cards have been released.  


Please check the CLUB section of your Gotsoccer account.   All documents can be viewed from the club account.  Viewing from the team account is a function of the club and only your club registrar can allow viewing from the team account via Gotsoccer.  MASC can not change that function.  


If your documents can not be found under the documents section, please check the following BEFORE contacting me:

1).  Your team is marked as paid and accepted.

2)   ALL your pics have been submitted (including coaches)

3)   You have not exceeded your roster limits

4)   Your players have correct DOBs (in some instances, a player may show as missing, this will be because he/she has an incorrect dob).


If you feel that your roster is complete and has not been released, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Thank you,

Brenda Davis


Spring 2014 Application

The MASC Spring 2014 Application is available online.  The application deadline is Januay 15, 2014.  New this season, the HS division will be competitive, divided into competitive "conferences".  Further information is available in the application information online.

Spring 2014 Coaches Meeting

The MASC Spring 2014 Coaches Meeting is:

March 25, 2014, 7:00PM

A. S. Thomas, Inc., 44 Industrial Way, Norwood, MA 02062

All clubs are invited to send a coach or team manager knowledgeable with their team(s).  Information specific to the spring 2014 season will be discussed.

In addition, March 12, 2014 is the initial roster submission deadline.  Instructions on submitting your rosters online can be be found under the information section of our website:

Schedule of Tasks

Roster and Passcard Process

All rosters and passcards are generated through GotSoccer.

Instructions on the process are available in the information area.  Please go to Roster and Passcard Instructions for detailed information.


Additional information