Make-up Procedure

Make-up games will be for games that the field was declared unplayable , or otherwise authorized by the League Director/Make-up Coordinator. Preponement is an authorized (approval required from League Director) make-up game for an approved extraordinary reason that must be scheduled prior to the original game date.


  • When a make-up game must be scheduled, both coaches must offer three reasonable dates, times, and venues, i.e. the home team must offer three possibilities, the visiting coach must be prepared to offer three opportunities. Reasonable means at dates, times and locations that are fair to both teams. MASC will not approve make-ups that are obviously not feasible, e.g. 4pm weekday make-ups where one team would have impossible travel, e.g. through or around Boston (e.g. New Bedford to Reading) . Uncooperative teams will be assessed forfeits and fined per league rules.
  • An email to the make-up coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , confirming the game sent by both coaches no later than 5pm on the 3rd day prior to the game date. (Game for Saturday the email must be by 5pm Wednesday)
  • Game will be accepted and posted on the MASC web site.
  • Games highlighted in green are pending
  • Games highlighted in blue are accepted and approved for play
  • Once approved it is an official game and will be played. The only cancellation will be due to field unplayable.
  • The team that does not show up will forfeit the game and will be responsible to pay to the league the game officials fees along with the forfeit fee.
  • Final date for make-ups will be the last day of the regular season (May 18th)


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