Application Requirements (Spring)

Spring 2014 Season

The Massachusetts Soccer Conference (MASC) Spring 2014 Season will organize play for teams in the U10 (8v8), U11/12 (8v8), U13/U14 (11v11),  HS "A" (U15 - U19), and HS "B" (U15/U16) age groups to play games against equivalent teams.

Starting Spring 2014, the MASC HS Division will institute formal standings.  The division will be divided into conferences from which the top 4 teams of each conference will play in a tournament consisting of semi-final games with the winning teams playing for their conference championship all on the day of the MASC Tournament.

In order to foster team/player development, the conference will implement level rated play. Standings in the 8v8 and U14 Divisions will be maintained solely for the purpose of proper team placements. If teams are found to be misplaced, they may petition or MASC may move teams into sections where they would be better suited.The goal is for all teams in a section to have close to a .500 record.

The season format will be playing a seven game schedule on Sunday afternoons.  Teams in the 8v8 and U14 Divisions will play a 4 game tournament.  No conference games will be scheduled Memorial Day Weekend.League play will start on March 30, 2014.The Sunday following Memorial Day weekend will be the MASC Tournament, June 1, 2014.

All schedules, field directions, rules, etc. may be found on the MASC web site:

MASC will be responsible for scheduling games, fields and officials.

Web Site


All MASC teams need to check the MASC web site for the most current information.The web site address is:

Club Application Form Link

Individual Team Application Form Link

Pass cards and Registrations


All players and coaches must have valid MassYouth pass cards.These must be presented to the referee before each game.Passcards and Rosters must be generated through new online system.

Application and Fees


The application deadline for the Spring 2014 season is January 15, 2014.


Applications made after January 15, 2014 shall be late and subject to a $50 late fee.Such applications will be accepted on a space as available basis.


In the event that a specific division has inadequate applicants, MASC will in a timely fashion notify those teams already registered and refund the registration fees.


The application fee is non-refundable.No refunds or credits will be issued for teams withdrawing.Specifically, under no circumstances will a team that has been accepted for play in MASC receive a refund due to accepting an offer to play in another league.



Each club fielding teams playing 11v11 must provide a suitable 11v11 field conforming to FIFA specification for each Sunday of conference play.


Each club fielding teams playing 8v8 must provide a suitable 8v8 field conforming to USYS specifications.


These fields for the 8v8 and U14 divisions must be available from 12:00PM to 6:00PM on each Sunday of Conference play.MASC must be able to freely schedule games on these fields at its discretion.

Coaches Licenses

MASC requires that all coaches have the "E" License (or NSCAA Advanced Regional/Level 6) or better.

Further Coaching Certifications

All coaches must successfully complete the NFHS Concussion in Sports online course prior to March 22, 2014. This is a free course that may be taken at

Starting with Fall 2011 all coaches must provide proof of suitable First Aid Training. The minimal requirement is the NFHS First Aid for Coaches. Upon successful completion a certification from American Red Cross will be provided. This course may be taken online at This course must be successfully complete prior to March 22, 2014.

The above two courses are required by MIAA for all HS coaches. CPR certification is not required but highly recommend for all adults and older players.

State Cup

Any teams declared for State Cup must conform to the requirements established for such play and notify MASC of its intention to so declare.

Minimum Age

No over age players will be allowed to play on any team.No waivers will be allowed per direction of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

  • The minimum age for players in the U10 8v8 is U9 and must meet Mass Youth Guidelines.See special U8 rule in Information Area.
  • The minimum age for players in the U12 8v8 is U10 and no team may have more than 4 U10 players.All players must be older than U9.
  • The minimum age for players in the U14 11v11 is U12 and no team may have more than 4 U12 players.All players must be older than U11.
  • The minimum age for players in the HS division is U15 and no team may have more than 4 U14 players.  All players must be older than U13.


Additional information